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Department of Faith Formation

The Department of Faith Formation oversees and implements faith formation programs in the Diocese of Tyler. It is built of a Director and personnel who are Specialists in the Seasons of Life as defined in Bishop Strickland’s apostolic constitution, “A Teaching Diocese: Constitution on Teaching the Catholic Faith.” The Director organizes and leads Master Catechists in each deanery as they in turn oversee Directors of Religious Education and teams of catechists (encompassing religious education of children, sacramental preparation, RCIA, and ongoing adult faith formation) at each parish.* The Department of Faith Formation is also responsible for the development of curricula pertaining to Catechist Certification throughout the Diocese and regularly produces catechetical and evangelical content, in written, audio, and video form. This includes online articles, print articles, lectures, and videos.

*The St. Philip Institute is currently seeking someone to fill the position of Director of Faith Formation

"Catechesis, complementing evangelization, answers the question of 'what?' as in 'What do Catholics believe?' and 'What does the Church teach?' I desire that our new emphasis on teaching in the Diocese be both evangelical and catechetical." —Bishop Joseph Strickland, Constitution on Teaching (55)

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