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Madonna of the Roses

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The Madonna of the Roses is an original painting by Robert Puschautz. It hangs alongside Robert's Pieta in the sanctuary at the St. John Paul II Catholic Campus Ministry at UT Tyler; but now you can bring it to your home! 


Redemptoris Mater Chapel
St. John Paul II Catholic Campus Ministry

In the Madonna of the Roses, Mary sits in front of a rose bush with twelve roses. This symbolizes the crown of 12 stars which we find in Revelation 12, as well as the local flower of the city of Tyler, the rose capital of the United States. She is surrounded by trees which resemble the pine trees of east Texas. Behind Mary on the right is a lamb, and on the left is a cave, symbolizing both Jesus' birth place and his tomb. Our Lord is wrapped in swaddling clothes resembling both the first clothes of an infant, and his burial shroud. This painting emphasizes the whole mystery of Christ's life and Mary's involvement in his work of our salvation.

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